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Why spend your time cutting and dicing when Hardie’s Fresh Foods can do it for you? With our Houston processing facility, we can custom cut anything and everything you need. Along with our favorites, we can create custom blends just for you that fit your recipes perfectly!

Below are just some of our beautiful fresh cut products. Click the category below to see the full lists of each commodity!

IMG_0622IMG_9229IMG_6179IMG_7650 (2)stir fryIMG_7687IMG_9840IMG_7761IMG_1227IMG_8114g1IMG_8575shucked and cleaned IMG_8435 IMG_8724 IMG_6402 wholeIMG_9899 IMG_5942 IMG_6272 IMG_9456 g1 (3) IMG_0962 cactus_paddles IMG_1106 IMG_0649 IMG_9325 IMG_9842 IMG_4495 IMG_0623 IMG_5852 g1 IMG_0994

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