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Local 6" Corn Tortillas

Local 6" Corn Tortillas
Item #: 11653
Pack Size: 16/30 ct

El Milagro Tortilleria

El Milagro is a family-owned company that started in 1950 in Chicago, Illinois. El Milagro proudly manufactures the highest-quality tortilla products.

"Quality" is a word that is not used lightly at El Milagro. From the beginning, we have always made the best tortillas that we know how. Our corn tortillas start with whole-kernel corn that is carefully selected and ground in our plant - we never use pre-processed corn flour.

Description of The Product:

Yellow corn tortilla is a staple of Mexican cuisine and there is none softer or tastier than the El Milagro Amarilla tortilla.
Whether you’re cooking up tacos or rolling enchiladas, our corn tortillas are the perfect complement to any dish.

All Natural GMO free corn. Made in San Marcos, TX