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Republic Blend

Republic Blend
Item #: 10780
Pack Size: 2/5#

Little City | Austin, TX

When Little City, the iconic Austin café and coffee roaster, was forced to close after 20 years of business, Joel Shuler of Casa Brasil stepped in to purchase Little City Coffee Roasters to keep it alive. The team is passionate about coffee and travels the world to source small, unique lots of coffee directly from the growers. Their microlot coffees come from a dozen countries, from Kenya to Brazil to Columbia to MExico. To ensure quality is maximized, attention is paid to every single detail, from the relationships with the growers to the storage and roasting of the coffee. In Little City's climate-controlled warehouse, the beans are roasted to order. Each small batch is tested by their team of coffee professionals. Little City believes 'everyone deserves a great cup of coffee', and their blends are at home no matter where it is. The results are smooth, unique coffees that are as classic and approachable as the Austin coffee shop that inspired them.

Description of The Product:

A dark roast with notes of cherry and dark chocolate plus a velvety finish, it's no wonder Little City's Republic Blend is a fan favorite.