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Zucchini Squash

Zucchini Squash
Zucchini Squash
Item #: 71815
Pack Size: 18-22#

Premier Produce | Fort Worth, TX

Premier Produce was founded on the principle of bringing premium product and service at a fair price to our customers. With combined experience of more than 125 years in the produce business and a firm commitment to our principle, Premier has become one of the leaders in the tomato repack industry. Premier is Primus Labs Certified and supports a comprehensive traceability program. With strong alliances in the USA, Canada and Mexico, Premier is able to provide our customers the best quality and value year around.

Description of The Product:

The name zucchini comes from zucchino, the italian word for “small squash.” Some of these small squashes grow to 18 inches! With its mild taste, zucchini is enormously versatile. Oversized, mature zucchini are best when stuffed and baked. Zucchini is available year round.