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The Ultimate Artichoke

The Ultimate Artichoke
Item #: 23386
Pack Size: 4 / 20 CT

Caprichos del Paladar

Caprichos del Paladar brings together agriculture experts, culinary visionaries and quality control professionals to bring you the very best artichokes. We are continually evolving to meet the high demands of chefs and consumers as we carefully monitor our crops, selection and production.

For more than 25 years, Caprichos del Paladar has been Spain’s leader in artichoke production. Exclusively using artichokes from our own farms, we control and monitor the growing, harvesting, producing and packaging of each and every artichoke, the only company to do so in Spain.


Description of The Product:

All-Natural Artichokes Hearts

Caprichos del Paladar brings you exquisite artichoke hearts hand-packed in all-natural ingredients. Our artichokes are sustainably produced on our family farm near the ancient city of Murcia, in southeast Spain. Bursting with flavor and nutrition, our artichokes are delicate and tender with a touch of sweetness.


The Perfect Artichoke – Healthy and Naturally Sweeter

Spain’s distinguished Tudela White Artichoke is a highly valued because it is entirely tender, rounder, smoother and much sweeter than other varieties. It also contains minimal ‘choke,’ the fine fibers found just above the artichoke’s heart, which makes it perfect for preserving.

Artichoke Heart Flowers

Made by Chefs

Individually selected, hand-peeled, cooked and pcaked within 8 hours of harvest

- Slowly cooked in Extra Virgin Olive Oil
- Variety:  Tudela White - a naturally sweeter artichoke 
- Grown in Murcia, Spain, Southeaster Mediterranean Coast
- Shelf life:  30 days Refrigerated, sealed