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Dill Weed

Dill Weed
Item #: 11333
Pack Size: 8oz

Southern Style Spices, Manor TX

Located in Austin TX, this local family company reaches around the world, importing cumin from India, cloves from Madagascar and fresh ginger from Peru.  Since 1983, Southern Style Spices uses no artificial colors, no MSG in their all-natural and pure hearbs and spices.  They provide spices to the best restaurants and create custom blends. They strive to provide the ultimate in flavors and freshness, and are now available at Hardies Fresh Foods.

Description of The Product:

Dill is an herb that is often thought of as paired with salmon. It can accompany salmon in any number of ways, from dill sauce to curing salmon with dill and other spices. Additionally, dill pairs well with other seafood, crunchy vegetables, potato salads, pickles, or yogurt and/or sour cream based dips.