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Large Eggs Pasture Raised

Large Eggs Pasture Raised
Large Eggs Pasture Raised
Item #: 08157
Pack Size: 15 dz

Vital Farms | Austin, TX

Vital Farms’ eggs come from pasture-raised hens, and their girls are free to roam and forage outdoors from morning til night. They make sure they have plenty of shade, a ready supply of clean, fresh water and carefully formulated feed. They have unrestricted year-round outdoor access, a minimum 108 sq ft pasture per bird, and never use hormones, antibiotics or pesticides- ever

Description of The Product:

It’s not just Vital Farms hens who enjoy the benefits of being pasture-raised. Studies have shown that their varied diets, and all the fresh air and sunshine they get, translates to eggs that are not just more delicious, they’re better for you as well! These eggs can contain up to four times the amount of Vitamin D, three times the amount of Vitamin E, and two times the amount of Omega-3 fatty acids than non-pastured eggs.