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Black-eyed Peas

Black-eyed Peas
Black-eyed Peas
Item #: 07183
Pack Size: 20#

Sides Pea Farm | Canton, TX

Sides Pea Farm began in 1957 when Winford and Virgina Sides bought 70 acres just south of Canton. In those days, Winford did all the farming and Virginia did the selling. She sold their farm fresh peas at the farm and at surrounding farmer’s markets. Since then, Sides Pea Farm has become the largest grower of fresh market peas in the state of Texas and is still operated by the Sides family.

Description of The Product:

Black-eyed peas are enveloped in long lean green and black mottled pods. The beans are distinguished by their creamy white slender and curved shape and their trademark narrow black circle on the center of the bean’s belly, known as the “eye”. Firm and resilient when cooked, black-eyed peas have a distinct nutty, earthy and savory flavor.