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February 20th, 2020

Potato Update

Idaho Potato crop sizing up small

Potato Update

As we approach the month of March, most Idaho suppliers will push to finish up cellars of the Norkotah variety leaving Burbanks as the majority of russets left for the remainder of the storage season. The general consensus in Idaho is the remaining Burbank crop has a small size profile. 40 count through 70 count along with 10oz #2 grade potatoes will be limited with rising markets from early March until new crop begins in August.

Idaho suppliers are already looking to Washington to outsource large size potatoes where they can to fill existing orders adding pressure to markets in that region as well. Demand is shifting to other regions such as Colorado and Wisconsin which will create elevated markets on
all large size potatoes industry-wide. As consumers start to downsize for full coverage we will see supplies affected for 80 count and quite possibly 90 count and increase pricing for those sizes as well.

If there are opportunities to downsize to a smaller potato now would be a good time. All indications point to a rough spring and summer as we do everything possible to cover all of your russet potato needs