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August 7th, 2023

Market Update on Blackberries

Blackberry supplies have become extremely limited.

Market Update on Blackberries

Over the last couple of weeks blackberry supplies have become extremely limited. Quality has been arriving fair at best, but we have had some arrivals where product had to be rejected upon arrival because of poor quality.

Earlier predictons were to have better supplies by now. Some growers have been caught off guard by the recent shortage. Plants this season have become unpredictable. Growers believe all the rain they received during the winter months have negatively impacted production of this years’ crop. Also, growing areas have recently experienced some unpredictable weather patterns that are not ideal for plants to produce berries. This is also impacting raspberries and strawberries which is causing short supplies, but blackberries supplies and quality have been impacted the hardest.

We expect to see supplies and quality improve over the next couple weeks. This of course is dependent on how the plants respond to the favorable weather that is forecasted in the upcoming weeks. Like mentioned before, the crop this year has become unpredictable and we will have to wait to see how the plants react.