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December 5th, 2022

Market Update: Lettuce, Cauliflower, Spring Mix, Parsley, Spinach

The cold weather in the Yuma growing area is affecting all lettuce, cauliflower, Spring Mix, flat and curly parsley, spinach and cilantro.

The Yuma growing areas are experiencing very cold weather. This is causing slow growth where shippers are not having enough product to harvest and fulfill orders.

This affects all lettuce, cauliflower, spring mix, flat and curley parsley, spinach and cillantro. All shippers are allocating supplies as best they can to try to cover orders as much as possible.

The weather forecast is calling for these conditions to continue through the middle of December. We are anticipating tight supplies, and high markets throughout the entire month. We need to have some consistent overnight temperatures in Yuma to get into the mid 50s to promote growth.