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May 9th, 2019

Lime Update

While quality of limes remain good, the availability of larger limes is limited.

Lime Update

Lime quality overall has been pretty good however we have a sizing issue now. Large limes are less available than the smaller limes. The two things that are causing this is we are into new crop, so naturally there will be more smaller limes than large, and there has been a lack of rain. The limes need rain to grow in size. We are seeing a major price difference between the large and smaller limes currently so if customers are able to take smaller limes that is the recommendation.

We will do our best to keep pricing controlled and keep inventory in stock for our customers on all sizes. Customers who use larger size limes will need to be flexible to move down a size if availability becomes an issue. We hope to see more normalized supply across all sizes and pricing in a few weeks if the weather permits.