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October 14th, 2022

Lettuce & Row Crop Market Update

All lettuce, leaf, broccoli & cauliflower availability continues to decline due to recent heat and rain. Looking forward to the Yuma season mid-Nov!

All lettuce, leaf, broccoli and cauliflower packs continue to be in a demand exceeds supply situation. The recent heat and rain was detrimental to these crops. Quality was greatly affected, thus affecting yields coming out of the fields.

All suppliers are covering orders to the best of their abilities. Expect fair at best quality on all these commodities. We will continue to see internal burn, discoloration and misshapen heads on lettuce, romaine and greenleaf. Pin rot on broccoli and discoloration on cauliflower. Pricing will inevitably be higher during this time.

We anticipate dealing with these challenges until we transition to the Yuma growing area in mid to late November. Until that
me comes, we will continue to work hard to have healthy par levels with the best quality product available to cover all our customers' needs.