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September 12th, 2023

September Market Update on Green Onions

Green Onions Continue to be Extremely Limited

September Market Update on Green Onions

UPDATE:  Green Onions continue to be extremely limited.  The month of July was the hottest on record causing temps to be above 110 degrees for 24 days straight.  This consistent extreme heat causes the Green Onions to stop growing.  Although Hurricane Hilary caused extreme windy conditions and rain, supplies of Green Onions were mainly affected by the recent extreme and current heat.  This heat (ranging from 107 – 116 degrees) will remain in the Mexicali region through next week.  The heat and humidity more than Hurricane Hilary will cause damage to the crop the next several weeks.   


  • Supplies on Green Onions will be tight through the month of September.
  • The recent extreme heat in Mexicali and the recent rain and wind from Hurricane Hilary continues to cause a major shortage in supplies.
  • The market continues to go up as supplies are being hit by these extreme temps.
  • Expect supplies to be extremely tight the next 4 weeks.  Suppliers will struggle to cover averages.