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February 5th, 2020

Chinese Garlic & Ginger

Update on garlic and ginger supply

Chinese Garlic & Ginger

Over the last year, tariffs on imported Chinese garlic and ginger have been being added in and we have seen major price increases across the market. China, supplies 50% of the world’s supply on these two commodities. Suppliers are having to source from other growing regions such as Spain, USA, Argentina, and Mexico. These other countries are now in a supply shortage situation due to the increase in global demand from these areas. To further supply issues, the unforeseen Corona Virus has caused more delays of Chinese shipments across the world. We are also suspecting an increase in demand for Chinese garlic and ginger within the borders of China as they use these items for traditional medicine recipes. This will continue to limit the amount of product that is being exported to other countries.

At this time, we do not expect to see any quality issues but we do expect prices to increase over the next few months due to supply shortages. We will source ginger and garlic from all avenues and growing regions to keep the consistent quality and supply for our customers and do our best to control prices.