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July 18th, 2022

Avocado Market Update

Bridging the gap on Mexican Avocados with Peruvian and Columbian fruit.

Avocado Market Update

The Flora Loca crop of Mexican hass avocados are currently being harvested with first deliveries expected by end of week. In the meantime, the California season is wrapping up causing increased demand on Mexican fruit. To help bridge the gap, we've brought in Peruvian hass fruit for 60 ct and 48 ct sizes, and Columbian hass fruit for the 70 ct size. The Peruvian fruit will have a green outer skin even when ripened to our spec.

Though not our normal standard, rest assured that we are working to provide the best quality on the market. We Texans, love our avocados and we are working to give our customers the best options available.