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July 11th, 2019

The Source

Weekly market update on fresh fruit and vegetable quality and availability from PRO*ACT

The Source


Apples: Golden Delicious (Washington) continue to be in few hands and may gap until new-harvest, Ginger Gold apples are available (first week of August).

Avocado (Mexican): Strong market conditions are expected for the month of July as Mexico transitions into new crop fruit.

Carrots: Mexican jumbo carrots still remain tight Grapes (Green): Mexico grapes have shown some quality issues as we approach the end of their season. New harvest in California is looking good, but prices are higher.

Grapes (Red): Mexico grapes are approaching the end of the season and quality is deteriorating quickly. Coachella seems to be holding up. New Harvest in California just started.

Lettuce Iceberg: Lightweights on liner lettuce are being reported at 34-38 pounds.

Onions: Yellow onion markets showing strength. Reds in good supply. White onions limited.

Pears: Only Green D’Anjou available in Washington (Red D’Anjou done for season)

Potatoes: Potato markets on the rise as Burbank storage season winds down. Advanced lead-time on orders necessary. Potatoes (colored): Supplies limited with sporadic sizing available. Markets to remain active through July.

Squash (Eastern): Yellow squash is in very light supply

Stone Fruit: Smaller sizes are limited. Plenty of large fruit in all varieties.