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June 5th, 2019

The Source

Get a full update on fresh fruit and vegetable market conditions in this week's edition of The Source.

The Source


Bell Peppers (Eastern): Extreme heat and pepper supply will be a lot less.

Cherries: California season is done and we will look to new harvest to start next week.

Stone Fruit: Plenty of promotional opportunities.

Tomatoes: The United States has announced a new tariff that is to be imposed on Mexico for ALL imports beginning June 10th. The tariff was announced, based on the belief that Mexico is not doing enough to slow the flow of immigrants from South America coming to the US that must pass through nation of Mexico. The tariff has been established on a sliding scale beginning June 10th at 5% for all items imported to the US, and then then grow to 10% by July 10th, 15% by August 10th, 20% by September 10th, reaching a permanent cap of 25% by October 10th. The Tariff is in addition to the 17.56% duty the Department of Commerce has set forth for all tomato imports since the withdraw of the Suspension Agreement in early May. Beginning next week, both penalties’ will be reflected in the cost of fresh tomatoes purchased and imported into
the United states from Mexico, directly affecting the landscape of the marketplace in the coming weeks and months until resolutions between the two countries can be made.