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August 22nd, 2019

The Source

Get the latest update on fresh fruit and vegetable availability and quality from PRO*ACT

The Source


Apples: Expect gapping on Golden Delicious to continue. Small, low grade Fuji apples are extremely tight. WA Gala apples to start later this week/early next week.

Avocado (California): As California and Peru wrap up their season, we will enter September with a strong market. Mexico becomes the main source of supply. Avocado (Mexican): The industry will see a strong market for the Month of September.

Citrus (Oranges): Demand exceeds supplies on small sizes oranges 113’s/138’s due to schools coming backing in. It is advise to send orders orders in advance to help allocate and strategize orders.

Onions: Super colossal and colossal yellow onions are limited.

Potatoes: 40 count through 70 count and #2 potatoes are limited. Advanced lead time on russet orders crucial during this time period. Potatoes (colored): #2 grade for red potatoes remain limited.