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Food Safety

Hardie’s prides itself on the highest standards of food safety, security, quality assurance and food defense. Each step in the process of getting our fresh produce from seed to fork is carefully controlled using the highest level of food safety and HACCP standards.

Food Safety

Food safety starts before your order even hits our warehouses. We start with trusted premium brands and growers. Even our smallest, local growers are required to adhere to stringent Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) to ensure food safety.

Food handling and storage is serious business at Hardie’s. All items stored at optimum temperature, and our food safety practices are reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure that we continually surpass industry standards.

  • Cooler temps monitored 24/7 year round through automated system, temps manually double-checked and recorded.
  • Even the trucks in which produce is transported to Hardie’s are thoroughly inspected for cleanliness, odor and security.
  • Maintenance of cold chain from warehouse to delivery site using state-of-the-art temperature monitoring and GPS tracking system.

As a result, third party audits consistently find that Hardie’s “Exceed Audit Expectations”, NSF Cook & Thurber’s highest rating category.

Safe Quality Food and Quality Shield System

Our goal at Hardie’s Fresh Foods is to provide our customers with the safest and highest quality products.  Last year, we became SQF Level 2 certified in distribution, fresh cut and value added, and fresh produce at all of our locations in order to provide the best and freshest quality to our customers.  In addition to being SQF certified, we follow a 40-point Quality Shield Program in order to provide our customers with the confidence that they not only have the freshest, but the highest quality and safest product possible.

We aren’t stopping yet either!  We are continuing to discover the best ways to keep our customers safe, while providing the freshest product across the state of Texas.  When suppliers are SQF certified, they have fewer recalls.  Being SQF certified is the top standard in our industry and every layer of the company is committed to the SQF program.  From our executive team, managers, corporate staff, warehouse employees, and drivers, our company as a whole is focused on having the safest products available for our customers.

Quality Control

Hardie’s takes added measures to ensure quality and freshness. Highly trained receivers perform quality checks as produce comes in. Our standards far exceed USDA standards.  You may see a bright green label on some of your boxes. These are personally double-checked by our quality assurance team.


Hardie’s has extensive security with digital cameras used throughout our warehouses. All employees are fully screened, and use encrypted access cards.


Hardie’s has complete traceability from farm to delivery location. This is especially important in today’s food safety environment. The FDA reports a significant increase in food recalls in the past year. Our recall program sets an industry standard with recall notices within hours (sometimes minutes) of receipt. And, while we’ve never been involved with a serious food safety recall, we practice our process with mock recalls throughout the year.








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