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Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato
Sweet Potato
Item #: 04820
Pack Size: 6-8oz

Reeves' Family Farm

Located just outside of Dallas in Princeton, Texas, Reeves Family Farms is a local vegetable grower with a passion for sustainable farming. They began with just eight acres of okra and now harvest okra, squash, cantaloupe, onions, and beets. They pick an average of 5,000 pounds of okra a day. Reeves focuses on shipping out their product within a day of harvest...fresh off the farm!

Description of The Product:

The sweet potato is a large, starchy, root vegetable. The sweet potato has a mauve or beige skin with bright orange flesh. They have a creamy texture and a spicy-sweet flavor, making them incredibly ideal of savory dishes. Sweet potatoes are extremely popular in the fall.

Local Jumbo Sweet Potatoes are also available (Item# 5936)