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English Cucumber

English Cucumber
Item #: 8114
Pack Size: 12 CT

Village Farms | Marfa, TX

Village Farms is located in Marfa, Texas and they have twenty years of hydroponic greenhouse experience. Village Farms operates over 232 acres, and an additional 160 greenhouses where they grow Hydroponic Tomatoes.

Village Farms uses all natural integrated Pest Management allowing them to avoid the use of chemicals and pesticides for a more safe and quality tomato. Village Farms holds the highest scores recorded for food safety, and they are third party certified for Good Agricultural Practices.

Description of The Product:

English Cucumbers are also known as "burpless cucumbers".  They were bred to avoid some of the more undesireable characterisics of a cucumber such as tough outer skin, large seeds and bitter taste.  English cukes are grown in the hothouse and sold with a plastic sleeve to protect their thin skin.  Refreshing and delicious!