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Bottled Rainwater

Bottled Rainwater
Bottled Rainwater
Item #: 08139
Pack Size: 24/.5 LTR

Sky Springs | Buda, TX

Sky Springs is captured and bottled in Buda, Texas, just outside of Austin, and is the largest Sky Spring. This Sky Spring provides the naturally purest water to central Texas without the need to ship from Europe and Asia. In the future, Sky Springs envisions capturing rainwater in communities throughout the world delivering locally sourced water and minimizing carbon footprints. Sky Springs Rainwater never touches the ground. It's purified and distilled by Earth's hydrologic cycle. As a result, it's never contaminated by ground polutants and doesn't require energy-intensive reverse osmosis and chlorine to be potable. 

Description of The Product:

Sky Springs prides themselves on providing refreshing bottled water with no additives, minerals, or pollutants. All natural rainwater is the greenest and most environmentally responsible way to drink bottled water.

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